Photo of Janine Rauch
Janine Rauch, the owner of Eastside Travel and Food, will do almost anything for an aeroplane ticket and a meal in an interesting restaurant. She especially loves the food of immigrant communities in her hometown, Johannesburg. After many years of eating bad conference food, she went to chef school in Cape Town with the idea of combining her own talents for facilitation and food to create “good gatherings” fuelled by tasty, interesting and healthy food. In 2004 and 2005 she worked for for an international human-rights organisation in New Delhi, and developed an abiding love for the city. She hung out in food markets and in the kitchens of local friends, went to cooking classes, and read voraciously about Indian food, and now organises culinary tours to Delhi during the cooler months.

Come to New Delhi in September 2015

I am organising another Flavours of Delhi trip this year, starting on Saturday, 29 August 2015 in New Delhi.

September is a great time of year to visit Delhi: it's after the monsoon has ended; the city has been washed clean by the rain and is all green and lush. A great escape from winter in the Southern Hemisphere, too.

Accommodation will be at bed-and-breakfast establishments in a nice South Delhi neighbourhood. Closer to the time I will ask those who commit to coming for a deposit on the accommodation costs, which is always the most expensive part of the trip. I aim for rooms that cost around US$100 per night, although they may be a little more expensive because it will be peak season in Delhi. Of course, you can always share a room and split the cost, but in some cases that will mean sharing a bed: don't worry, though, Indian beds are h-u-g-e.

Usually the way the money works is that you buy your own air ticket (Emirates, Ethiopian, Kenyan and BA all fly to Delhi). I will coordinate a "kitty" for the collective costs in India: food, cooking lessons, transport (taxis, trains, a day trip to the Taj Mahal) and my costs.

What you spend on beautiful things, excess baggage and additional side-trips is up to you. I have a great travel agent in Delhi who will arrange side trips for you. If you are seriously thinking of coming, ask me for a list of books to read and movies to watch to get you in the mood...